There is a pollution emergency scheme in operation during high pollution events. This replaces the odd-even number plate scheme that was previously in operation
There is already a ЛЕЗ in permanent operation in Paris and an pristup Уредба.

Датуми и детаљи
There are two levels of scheme
  • information-recommendation
  • опрезан

If the information-recommendation level is predicted to last more than 2 days, it turns to an alert level.

Information-recommendation level:
People are asked to reduce their emissions, but no traffic bans. Those with health conditions making them particularly sensitive are recommended to reduce their exposure.

Alert level:

  • Communication from the Prefecture de Police (PP), before 7pm the night before the alert is in operation
  • Specific restrictions for industry and heating
  • Traffic :
    • A low emission zone inside the motorway A86, according to Crit'air classification, with tighter emissions standards than the permanent low emission zone.
    • The ordinance does not state the emissions level, so the ban can be tougher if the situation is more severe.
    • Price reduction for public transport (Regional day ticket: 3.80 € for all day, all zones)
  • In addition, for Paris :
    • parking free for Parisians residents (a resident parking permit is needed),
    • Velib : day package is free

On 23rd January: vehicles must have at least a Crit'air sticker number 4, from 5.30am to midnight.

возила под утицајем
Сва возила.

Алтернативних опција транспорт
План путовања

Врста ограничења
регулација приступ

šema Граница
The whole area within the A86 motorway. The A86 is the Paris outer ring road, also called the 'super-périphérique'

Страни возила утиче?
Foreign vehicles are affected.

Сати рада
Током дужег загађења догађаја за АМ или НО2.
На пример, на КСНУМКС децембра, а од КСНУМКСтх до КСНУМКСтх децембра КСНУМКС.

За кориснике полиција

The penalty is 68 € for light vehicles and powered three wheelers and 135 € for heavy duty vehicles (more than 3.5t).

- Foreign light duty vehicles,
- Tourist Coaches,
- Disabled vehicles of the GIG and GIC, and vehicles for the transport of disabled persons or those of reduced mobility,
- Vehicles carrying at least 3 people,
- Journalists working for their employer
- Vehicles of the emergency services, armed forces, public transport, and various medical personnel,
- Vehicle towing vehicles,
- Taxis and private hire vehicles (eg Uber),
- Driving schools, dustbin lorries, postal vehicles, live vehicle transporters, funeral vehicles, vehicles carrying money, construction vehicles, and a number of other essential public services.

Локални назив за програм
Ла циркулација алтернее Ен цас де загађења

Додатне информације
Official documents
Webpage of the Prefecture of Police with information on the scheme.
Airparif emergency scheme page

Град сајт
Paris city emergency air quality scheme page

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